Understanding children like a mother does – Caring for children as our own offspring


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Welcome parents to Viet Anh School

Vietnamese British School system – VBS is a kindergarten system with the education
orientation of international standards. VBS aims to bring an ideal learning environment
and a solid foundation for the children to develop comprehensively in the spirits of Confidence – Independence – Self-Awareness right from the first years of life.


Nghỉ Tết âm lịch của VBS

Nghỉ Tết âm lịch của VBS sẽ bắt đầu nghỉ từ ngày 22/01/2020 đến hết ngày 02/02/2020

Chương trình ẩm thực Tết

Địa điểm tổ chức: Tầng 4 Parkson Flemington, 184 Lê Đại Hành, P.15,Q.11, TP HCM
Thời gian: 14h00-19h00

Thông báo nghỉ lễ Dương Lịch

Thứ 4 ngày 01/01/2020: học sinh nghỉ học 1 ngày theo quy định của Nhà Nước.
Thứ 5 ngày 02/01/2020: học sinh đi học lại bình thường.

Reasons for choosing Viet Anh School

An International Standard Program

The global quality is the most prominent of the curriculum at the Vietnamese kindergarten. The university's academic content is built to ensure the sustainable development of thinking, physical, and the comprehensive personality for the future generation.

The professional and passionate teachers

With the motto of teaching " Understanding children like a mother does- Caring for children as our own offspring", teachers at VBS always strive with love and thoughtfulness in teaching and caring for children daily.

Modern and international standard facilities

A balanced learning environment ensures safety factors – comfort – norms and originality to increase excitement. Through a wide open-air experience in a spacious outdoor space, the children can actively absorb knowledge in the most natural and effective way

Proper nutrition

The menu adheres to the Department of Health Nutrition Standards of hygiene and food safety. VBS focuses on the appropriate schedule, which helps children have their diet and practice in a healthy habit. From then on, we support for good lifestyle education for the long-term development of children.

Periodic health care

When coming to VBS, your children will be prescribed medical records to check and monitor their health and physical development status periodically

10 Experience Areas

Developing English language skills, languages, reading – Writing skills, understanding science and technology, creativity through art, emotional language, awareness, mathematical ability, social awareness ability, physical perception are 10 fields of experience that VBS always heads toward.

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